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Primarily a solution for the commercial sector, CCTV systems help in providing an electronic eye needed to monitor and account for events and activities in various locations. Logix offers a wide range of CCTV related solutions designed to suit the clients’ requirements, be it for security coverage of an area or productivity and supervision requirement.

Be it for Security coverage of an area i.e perimeters or productivity and supervision requirements and for outdoor events e.g. Internment, Sports, Anniversaries, Conferences etc.

We provide both analogue and IP CCTV system solutions with either traditional storage or digital backup option, capable of being integrated onto existing networks, to allow localized or remote monitoring and management.







Remote CCTV Surveilance

Logix Technical Solutions has a robust Remote CCTV Surveillance for clients across the country to monitor assets located in remote parts of the country eg Base Transmitter Stations (BTS), Power Stations and Substations,Fuel Depots e.t.c. This helps to protect the valuable assets against vandalism, theft.

IT/Database Security

Our IT and data security systems solution and product range ensures that an organization’s information can be best protected against malicious attacks that are both internally and externally generated.

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