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Fingerprint recognition is one of the safest and most secure methods of personnel identification, which can be used for a wide range of application to authenticate the true persons accessing the device/ premises.

The Fingerprint Access Control System delivers confidence and convenience by personalization of users through their fingerprints and eliminating the use of card system for door access. This fingerprint based access control device, monitors and removes the problems associated with manual or card based systems such as lost , damaged or unreadable cards and will also eliminate card swapping (‘unauthorized access’) and the potential for ghost workers. It registers / stores every transaction as it happens. Management can be certain of the identify of person that is gaining Access into specific areas.

The Fingerprint Access Control System is built to deploy the world renowned university’s fingerprint algorithm in its minutiae matching technique, this biometric reader ensures to provide access to only authorized people based on their enrolled fingerprint templates stored in the system. With biometric reader, there are no more worries of unwanted intruders into your organization or misuse of cards and keys by irresponsible people.

The Fingerprint Access Control System is a very user-friendly, reliable and flexible authentication system that is designed to meet your access control needs.



         Corporate offices


         Small & medium offices

         Resisted rooms

         And many more!!!

Systems Features

         Fast and accurate

         User friendly

         Audio and visual response

         Ethernet ready

         Multiple reporting printing.


IT/Database Security

Our IT and data security systems solution and product range ensures that an organization’s information can be best protected against malicious attacks that are both internally and externally generated.

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