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Even though we deal with a wide sector of customer base, we understand that their primary goal is to ensure that they are able to focus on their core business activities ensuring that they are able to remain a success, thus the need to have service provider that provides a reliable, future proof solution that is suitable to their growing needs.


 Our customers depend on us as suppliers that are able to engage them in regards to their needs with the professional understanding of the importance of client confidentiality in line with being able to address their concerns and develop a functional response accordingly.

Logix support and service a wide range of industries, no matter your field of operation. Logix Technical Solutions is able to review your business operations and provide a reliable and effective solution to enhance your operations, resulting in peace of mind and improved productivity in the work place.

Some of our current clients are in the following business sectors.

         Financial institutions

         Telecom industry


         Insurance firms

         Petroleum industries

         Diplomatic missions

         Health service providers

         Educational institutes

         And many others




IT/Database Security

Our IT and data security systems solution and product range ensures that an organization’s information can be best protected against malicious attacks that are both internally and externally generated.

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